Sell your Android App(s) instantly

If you are interested in selling your mobile app(s) to Xomian or would like a quote please email  We are interested in buying individual apps or portfolios of apps that have been in the app store for more than six months and show a steady track record.

We are interested in apps that meet the following criteria:

  • 100,000 DAU (daily active users) or more
  • Retention day 1: 45%+,  D7: 25%+,  D30: 12%+
  • Geography breakdown of 40% or greater from US/Europe

We are able to be more aggressive than most buyers as we are a publisher our self and understand the process of buying and selling app well.  We work with you on ensuring a win-win partnership.  All our transactions are cash only.

Our process to complete the transaction is quite simple:

Step 1 – Developer sends over initial high level analytics data ( Screen shots of google play console showing

  1. Daily Active Users
  2. Total Active Installs
  3. Daily New Users
  4. D1, D7, D30 Retention

Step 2 – Xomian will make an offer to purchase the app(s) as well as send an app purchase agreement along with escrow details ( for mutual protection)  with the conditions of the deal. 

Step 3 – Developer accepts the offer and both parties signs the agreement. 

Step 4  - Xomian funds the escrow company and the escrow company releases the funds to the developer after confirming source code deposit and application ownership transfer and intellectual property verification. This takes up to 1 week.



"Xomian was professional  and the whole transaction was completed within 5 days smoothly"

                                                            I.Singh ( Trymph Gaming )

"Xomian offered a fair price for my casual Game app.The process was painless"



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